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Mastery in influencing starts here

Our mission and vision.

Our mission is to break through the limitations of traditional behavior change and embrace uncharted territory, where boundaries are blurring and new possibilities are unfolding.

Art of influence: Penthouse training

Our mission

Amid this evolution in science, we strive to reveal and make secret techniques public to a wider audience. Our goal is to integrate ethical behavioral influence into Dutch business. We believe the power of influence should be in everyone's hands, and by disrupting outdated practices, we aim to set a new standard. Our mission is not only to push boundaries, but also to pave the way for a more transparent and ethical approach to influencing behavior.

High-end sales coaching: Increase your success in strategic deals

Our vision

We are aware of the terrible things that have happened in the past due to the abuse of influence techniques. That is why we also see our role as a shield, a defense against sinister individuals who would use this power for evil purposes. We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge to not only strengthen ourselves, but also protect others from abuse. Our vision includes a future where transparency, ethics and accountability are at the core of influencing behavior, so that we can not only influence, but also resist dark intentions.

High-end sales coaching: Increase your success in strategic deals

Our philosophy

Effective influencing training for lawyers and cybersecurity experts

Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that "free will" is an age-old paradox.

In a world permeated by good and evil, we see everyone as a fellow player. We are all participants in the field of influencing, day in and day out, regardless of background or origin. It is an integral part of our existence. Since influencing each other is one of the biggest factors in everyone's lives, why not become excellent at it? Discover more about our philosophy on our "Free Will Paradox" page.

Your guide into the human psyche

Here with us, training courses are not fixed formulas, but dynamic journeys that evolve with the rapidly changing science and world. We are open to criticism and embrace change, because the only constant is the continuous development of knowledge that science reveals to us.

We strongly believe in mutual aid. Sharing new insights and having discussions about the limitless possibilities of human potential are the foundations on which we build. Together we explore the depths of the psyche, adapt to new discoveries, and stimulate growth in a world that is constantly changing.

Effective influencing training for lawyers and cybersecurity experts
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